How to Lower Click Costs While Increasing Your Conversion Rate


The ultimate goal of any pay per click campaign is to achieve the highest possible return on investment. An increase in your campaign’s ROI can be achieved in one of two ways: by lowering costs or increasing profits. By focusing on both reducing cost and reducing profit, you can dramatically improve the returns from your pay per click efforts. Below you’ll find tips and tricks to help you reduce your click cost and improve the conversion rate for your campaign.

Reducing Click Costs:

o Think outside the box when choosing keywords. Competitive keywords often have significantly higher prices than other, less-used keywords and key phrases. Consider less obvious keywords you can use to target your ideal customers. For example, use keywords that pertain to the problem rather than the solution or incorporate keywords that relate to current events/trends cost of clickfunnels.

o Go negative. If you are getting traffic from a related keyword that does not really pertain to your product, you can prevent your ad from appearing for that keyword. Simply enter the problem keyword with a minus sign in front of it in your PPC campaign settings (-keyword).

Improving Your Conversion Rate:

o Link your PPC ad directly to a targeted landing page, not the homepage for your site. The landing page should be geared specifically toward the keyword used in the advertisement and heavily focused for the reader.

o Eliminate any “leaks” from the landing page. Your landing page should contain as few navigational elements as possible. Readers should be funneled toward the desired action (i.e. subscribing for a newsletter or making a purchase), not given opportunities to click off the page.

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